June 25, 2020
Filed by
Kathleen Zellner

The reply to the state's response has been filed.  Attachment is below. 

Here's a short statement from Travis regarding the reply:

"Well, she certainly made the points she needed to make. The first and central issue remains the "procedural bar" created by the dismissal of Steven's Pro Se MPCR [Motion for Post-Conviction Relief] and filing a new one. I think she addressed this beautifully with her estoppel argument and pointing out the State agreed to "amendments" and testing. I think she has laid out that the equities weigh in favor of allowing MPCR to proceed and evidentiary hearings go forward AND to allow the testing to proceed as agreed to."

Awaiting ruling from Court of Appeals

Now, we wait.  The Court of Appeals does not have a deadline.  

If the CoA orders oral arguments (this is rare), the hearing would be set in 3 to 4 months and the decision would be issued 2 or 3 months later.

If no oral argument is ordered, there could be a decision from the court in two to three months.