Aug. 17, 2020
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Court of Appeals

Sua Sponte means the court did something of their own accord, without any prompting from either side. 

A supporter sent a packet of information to Mark Gundrum, not to the courts. No new info, just begging him to take a look.  The supporter meant no harm, so please don't track her down.  The notation on the docket is simply because there was ex parte communication with Judge Gundrum, just like the flowers that were sent to Judge S. and it has to be recorded on the public record.

From Tracie:

A well-meaning supporter sent a packet of information to Mark Gundrum along with a letter asking him to do the right thing. Judges cannot receive anything that may give the impression that they've been influenced in any way, so Judge Gundrum was required by law to report the communication as ex parte and it was recorded on the docket.

The supporter meant no harm and actually put a great deal of time into putting together this packet. Unfortunately, it's not something that Judge Gundrum would even be allowed to read. Once he realized what it was, it would be completely improper for him to read it. I know he's going to have to recuse himself due to a prior conflict of interest in the case anyway, but he still can't be seen as not reporting something with the potential of influencing him in any way. Procedurally, this is very similar to what happened when guilters sent Judge Sutkiewicz a bouquet of flowers.

Please do not track down the supporter or harass her in any way. She didn't know that her name would appear on the docket and it was not her intention to hurt the case nor was it her intention to seek any attention for what she did.

As tempting as it may be, please do not contact the judges in this case or the court. It won't do any good and it will only cause problems. The last thing any of us want is to potentially hurt Steve's case with improper communication.

Decision made by Court of Appeals
Aug. 17, 2020