Nov. 9, 2020
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Court of Appeals

12/03/20 - See updated projection below

The Court of Appeals updated their website to say "Submitted on Briefs" and "Awaiting Opinion/Decision"

Awaiting ruling from --

December 3, 2020 - Updated projection per Tracie: The CoA decision in another criminal case this week was submitted on briefs in July. The reply brief in that case was filed in January. So if we're using that as a possible guide for a time frame for Steven's decision, we might not see the opinion until April/May.

"Submitted on Briefs" means they made a decision based on the briefs.  It's very likely they won't ask for oral arguments.  The Court of Appeals Opinions Schedule does not yet show a projected date for the Opinion/Decision to be released.  Keep an eye on this website and watch for District II.

Opinions Release Schedule